Shaping the future of horse breeding

Jou Equine Veterinary Services is a small team based out of Wellesley Ontario, led by Dr. Daniel Jou. The clinic focuses on equine reproduction and artificial reproduction technologies. We strive to use the latest technology and are on the forefront of scientific advancement in the field.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Daniel Jou
Dr. Daniel Jou DVM
Lead Veterinarian & Owner
Laura Jou DVM RN
Veterinary Assistant & Accounts Manager

About Dr. Daniel Jou

Dr. Daniel Jou has a broad background and wealth of experience in the field of artificial reproduction technologies. In his 30+ years of practice, he has worked with horses, cows, deer, pigs and even honey bees and fish. His work has taken him all over the Americas and Europe, where he has collaborated with other experts in the field.

1978-1986, Bogotà Colombia
Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine.
1986-1999, Ubate Colombia
Freelance practice in bovine reproduction
Multiple large Holstein dairy operations and pioneered research work in the field of in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Colombia.
2000-2006, Ayr Ontario Canada
Equine Embryos inc.
Worked alongside his brother, Dr. Pedro Jou. This involved artificial insemination with fresh and frozen semen, embryo flushing, handling and freezing, and stallion semen collection, handling, processing, freezing and refreezing.
2001-Present, Maria-Hoop Netherlands
Since meeting, Dr. Daniel Jou and Ton Vullers, owner of ECF and AEC, have collaborated in research, and share knowledge from clinical and field experience in reproduction and equine management. In the last six years, additional research and multidisciplinary collaboration led to a successful ICSI (Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection) laboratory with more than 100 pregnancies produced since its inception. Our near-future goal is to offer this service in our clinic.
2007-2016, Guelph Ontario Canada
Continued the same line of work as with Equine Embryos inc. alongside Dr. Claire Plante in Plante Veterinary Services. Also worked as an embryologist in their parent company Genesafe Technologies in their transcontinental swine embryo transfer program, and provided support with their bee breeding research program.
2011-2012, Guelph Ontario Canada
A joint venture program of the College of veterinarians of Ontario, the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association and the Ontario Veterinary College of the University of Guelph. Obtained his Ontario Veterinary license with the added knowledge and qualifications gained in its completion.
2017-Present, Wellesley Ontario
Inception of independently run clinic continuing in equine reproduction services (see our services page) and research in embryo transfer intracitosplamic sperm injection (ICSI) and embryo and semen cryopreservation.


Equine Fertility Centre and Animal Embryo Centre, Netherlands

Dr. Daniel Jou met Ton Vullers, owner of Equine Fertility Centre and Animal Embryo Centre, in 2002. Since then, they have collaborated in research, work, and exchanging of insights from experience in equine reproduction and management.

In the last six years, additional research and multidisciplinary collaboration led to successful equine in vitro produced embryos (ICSI ) with more than 30 foals produced since its inception.

Jou Vullers Partnership